Desert (Dasht-e Kavir)

Camping: the desert offers various unique experiences. In spring and summer we offer all-inclusive camping tours (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, food etc.) with local experts in the desert. Because of its location far from cities, the sky above the desert gives you a clear view on millions of stars at night.

Sand dunes: after a drive of only 40 minutes, you can reach the highest sand dunes in central Iran where you can hike, walk around or watch the sunrise and sunset from the top. We will gladly arrange a ride to the foot of the dunes or a complete journey.

Camel riding: experience a ride on the back of a camel in the beautiful sand dunes. Upon request, we will gladly arrange everything.

Salt Lake: not far from the dunes, there is a beautiful salt lake you can visit and walk along. If you wish to see this fascinating spectacle of nature, we will organise a trip for you with great pleasure.

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